The Battle Plan

A Short-form Version


"The Battle Plan"

Against Habitual Sin

Is there any sin in your life that trips you up over and over again?

Maybe you struggle with tobacco usage or nail biting or uncontrollable anger; or maybe it’s even an addiction to sexual stuff like pornography. If you could develop a plan to combat this recurring sin and know it would work to eliminate this problem – whatever it is – it would certainly be worth your time and effort, wouldn’t it?

That’s what this plan is all about. For many years now, in Battle Plan Ministries, I’ve been corresponding, mentoring, and counseling with men  who had become deeply mired in habitual sexual sin. These men have come to me via email from all over the world. One of them, a young Dutch brother in Christ, thru our interaction experienced success in dealing with his challenges and encouraged me develop a website to explain my “battle plan” approach to dealing with habitual sexual sin, which has become so widespread in our world. I did so; and there is contact informaton at the end of this overview to bring you to Battle Plan Ministries, the name God led us for our discipleship ministry. 

However, in this short-form overview I want to give you a brief snapshot of our "Battle Plan." And ... it really does work!! ... You can find testimonies to bolster your faith in this plan on this BPM website. But I personally know the plan works because #1 ... it worked for me; and #2 ... God’s word promises that it will work through His word, which is at the heart of this plan. If you do desire to eradicate a recurring sin problem in your life, I encourage you to go to the more complete version on our website, print it out, take notes on it; and then, after diligent prayer, let God help you develop your own personalized battle plan. But briefly, let me give you this overview.

First, the plan is for Christians!  And PHASE ONE in the plan is SURRENDER; and the first surrender, which is absolutely essential, is to Christ. For this Battle Plan to work, Jesus must be your Savior and Lord. If He’s not or you doubt your salvation, PLEASE use the CONTACT US tab on this website and contact our ministry and ask us to help you find the assurance of your salvation you may be seeking. 

Next PHASE TWO of the Battle Plan discusses PREPARATION for battle and victory. Here two very important elements are highlighted. One is the need to imbed God’s word deeply into your heart; and like the plan does throughout, scripture is used to support EVERY point. The plan has most of the scriptures printed for the reader, but here I’ll just refer to one of them, ... Psalm 119: 9, 11, which clearly points to the importance of God’s word in combating sin. The second key point discussed in this phase is the need to find a Godly mentor to act as your drill instructor, officer, and friend in this battle preparation. This point cannot be emphasized enough! It has been my experience that very few are able to find the strength to overcome habitual sin without a STRONG accountability partner with much strength and wisdom.

PHASE THREE is the MARCHING ORDERS for battle. No soldier goes into battle without orders; and you’ll be reinforced again in the importance of knowing God’s word, which leads you to God’s will for your life. The story of Joshua after Moses died is used to illustrate this; and the verse, Joshua 1: 8, which highlights this point clearly emphasizes the need to be in God's word daily. And you'll go to Deuteronomy 31:8 to see just where God is as He leads you into battle ... always leading the way and always being there beside us.

And then PHASE FOUR gets us into the action, FINDING THE BATTLE, which is sort of a joke because the enemy will ALWAYS bring the battle to us, won’t he? But in this phase, the high ground advantage, PRAYER, is explained; and the story of Jesus going to battle against His arch enemy (Luke 4: 1-13) nicely illustrates this. But here we also see our Leader, KING Jesus, using the Sword of the Spirit (i.e., Scripture) against Satan’s temptations. And we need to learn to be able to do this when the enemy comes against us. We are encouraged by verses like 2nd Timothy 1: 7 and Romans 8: 31, which emphasize the authority we have in Christ to be victorious over sin.

Finally, there is PHASE FIVE of the plan, VICTORY! We're even reminded, as we close the plan, that victories along the way can even be found in strategic retreat (e.g., 2nd Tim. 2: 22). But we can gain great confidence in God's plan to use our weaknesses to showcase His strength in the glory that comes to Him when we overcome sin (2Corinthians 12: 9, 10). We see that He gives us assurance that He would never lead us where we cannot be overcomers (1Corinthians 10: 13); and that we should never fear for He will lift us to discipline and victory (2Timothy 1: 7; Isaiah 41: 10).

Our "Battle Plan" against strongholds of sin closes with a very practical “hedge tool” that can be used by any Christian to defeat Satan when he comes with his tools of temptation.


. . . Write these verses on 3X5 cards: Ps. 119: 9, 11; 1Corinthians 10: 13; Phil. 4: 13; and 2Timothy 1: 7.

. . . Memorize the verses or carry the 3X5 cards with you ALL THE TIME.

. . . When tempted, recite/read the verses through three times.

. . . After the first recitation, pray to the Holy Spirit for strength. ... After the 2nd time, pray to Jesus, thanking Him for His Spirit asking for His grace; and then the 3rd time, pray to God, The Father, praising His Holy Name and thanking Him for sending Jesus to save us!

You do this and really dig into the entire Battle Plan website, and you will find the same victory over habitual sin that I have found.  So, once again, if you're serious about surrendering to let God's Spirit help you walk free from past strongholds of sin, go to the original/longer version of this "Battle Plan" by going to the RESOURCES - MEN tabs on this website, which will give you a pdf version of the complete "Battle Plan" piece to print out and study. 

I know it; because God promises it!! And that should be good enough for any Christian!

Again, I invite you to correspond with me via email - ... but only IF YOU ARE SERIOUS about ridding yourself of habitual sin (of any type) or if you have questions about this plan.

Dr. Bill Berry, Director, Battle Plan Ministries

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