Our desire to know God is at the heart of our pursuit of purity.  In Matthew 5:8. Christ himself said,Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” Even though we all want to;  ‘see God’ and we all want to live a life of purity, ... BUT ... it just isn’t that easy, is it?! 

We live in an age of instant gratification, hypersexualization, and the "pornification" of our culture.  Every media source we have bombards us with provocative imagery on a daily basis.  Our children are growing up in a culture where being ‘normal’ is anything but!  And ... there's a huge chasm between what the world tells us is right and what God tells us is right.

The pursuit of purity then becomes a question of HOW.  So, consider Psalms 119:9 ... How can a young man keep his way pure?  By living according to Your word.

This is at the core of Battle Plan Ministries.  Through structured application of God’s Word in our own lives, we can effect a positive influence on the lives of our children and families.  Our premise for ministry is simple; ... but by no means easy ... that the deeper and more abiding one's relationship with Christ becomes, the more well-armed the Christian is for the spiritual warfare he/she will face daily.  Through the development and implementation of our own individual and our family battle plans, we honor God and give our families a wonderful blessing of protection from His grace.

Battle Plan Ministries can help an individual [perhaps a parent];

  • Break the bonds of habitual sexual sin.
  • Foster a deep and abiding relationship with Christ so that God's Spirit will protect his/her heart and mind.
  • Don the full armor of God as revealed in Ephesians 6:10-18.

Battle Plan Ministries can help a family;

  • Restore or improve marriages.
  • Develop God-honoring relationships.
  • Clean up their environment and provide a safer environment in the home.
  • Build trust through covenant relationships and articulated codes of conduct.
  • Raise children that are disciplined and God-honoring.

PRAY DILIGENTLY! ... In spiritual warfare, prayer is the high ground in battle (Ephesians 6:18) and it will be the place where you can send your most powerful volleys against the enemy in the battle for the souls of both parents and children.

Covenant Together!  ... Execute a Family Rules of Trust document binding you and your children to godly use of both televisions and computers. 

Remove Danger Zones! ... Do not leave televisions or especially computers with web access with unencumbered access in your child’s bedrooms.  Move computers out into well-trafficked family areas.

Monitor the Home! ... Install monitoring software onto every computer in the home.  Establish and adhere to a schedule governing use of all media in the home.  We recommend CovenantEyes.com for true peace of mind.

AGAIN - Filter for Safety! ... Install filtering software on EVERY COMPUTER in the home as well as ALL smart phone devices.  Again we recommend Covenant Eyes products for comprehensive protection for the entire family as well as for device surveillance and accountability tracking [ad linked below for purchase]. 

Discipline - Don't Let Your Guard Down! ... Establish a clear understanding of the penalties for misuse of the television and computer.  Reward godly behavior [regularly] and punish worldly behavior [consistently].  Raise your children up in the way they should go.

Intercept Attackers! Filter the mail between the house and the mail-box.  Throw out ALL inappropriate publications such as Victoria’s Secret catalogs,  Cosmopolitan Magazine, or The Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated before any of them enter your house.  Accept no compromise!

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