Our Purpose

Statement of Purpose

Battle Plan Ministries is a place of healing where Christian men and women can find a fortress of hope and an oasis from the ravages of pornography and sexual sin through a closer relationship with Christ. We will be a lighthouse, shining the light of Christ into the darkness of the world and being used in Christ's mission of victory (Luke 4:18).


Our Mission


Battle Plan Ministries will provide a place for Christian men to come together to confess and repent of sin, pray for one another, and find encouragement and healing. (James 5:16) It will be a safe place where men can be open and honest before God and each other. It will also be a place where men who love God can be held accountable on their journey to Christlikeness.

Battle Plan Ministries will also be a fortress for battle and a training ground where men can learn to put on the full armor of God to do battle against our spiritual enemies, including the flesh and become strong warriors in Jesus' name and to the Glory of God. (Ephesians 6:10-18)


Online Brotherhood:  Men, ... perhaps you'd like access to other brothers in Christ for help or accountability but you don't live in the MidSouth area of the US where BPM small groups are available, or perhaps you can't find a small group ministry in your area or church dealing with strongholds of sexual sin.  Well, you could join our BPM ONLINE FORUMS by clicking on the "Battleplan Forums" tab on our website homepage.  Doing so will take you to a registration process, providing the information requested to the Forum Administrator.  Once registered/approved (for security purposes), you'll have access to some dynamic/interactive forums where men from all over the world gather daily to help one another be accountable and to march toward freedom from past patterns of sexual sin.  If you have trouble in registering go to the CONTACT US tab and we will help you get registered.  



Battle Plan Ministries, thru our joint ministry, Faithful Warriors, will be a place where women in the Memphis area can come to grow in strength and find healing should they become silent victims of habitual sexual sin involving men in their lives. It will be a safe place for these women to share their feelings of hurt, loss, and anger. It will provide a haven where sisters in Christ can be honest and transparent without fear of judgment and where they can lift one another up. It will be a lighthouse in the storm where women will receive powerful, practical, Godly advice from other women who have walked this path before them and can provide guidance along the way as they journey toward healing and restoration.


FAMILY Battle Planning

Battle Plan Ministry knows that our homes and families are under technological and spiritual attack these days. Think about it ! If you have kids or grand kids, especially teens or preteens, they are likely using or learning to use such techno-toys as Smartphones or Cable/Satellite TV {many times with digital recording or DVD burning equipment}.  Often these techno-weapons have Internet connection, where vivid sexual images are only a few clicks away.  And many parents are frightened that our eight year old kids know more about these scary gadgets than we do.

Don't kid yourself; ... Satan and the world are using the XXX industry to infiltrate your Christian family by using an incredible array of media/technological devices.  Today our kids are being bombarded with sensual TV images, internet pornography, and sexualized or violent music through our techno-culture; and we parents or grandparents are often clueless when it comes to battling these forces. BPM wants to help you go to war; but you've got to be willing to take action.

So, where does one go to get information and/or help? Well, BPM may not be THE answer, but you can find quite a bit of information to get informed from this web site by using the RESOURCE LINKS BELOW.   Here some statistical information as well as resources to help any parent to build a home battle plan to protect or arm your home/family in this spiritual techno-war in which we find ourselves.

SO, ... if you're interested taking action to set up a "battle plan" for your family, you can check out the following page options below ...

  • The Call To Arms page, where alerting statistics and diagnostic/planning questions are presented to motivate any family to get into the battle against a powerful set of super weapons which are invading our homes.

  • The Need for Purity page, outlines some of the basic training issues which must be considered in a family battle plan.

  • The Family Battle Plan page, takes the diagnostic questions from the Call To Arms page and provides some guidlines to building your own home battle plan.

  • The Family Resources page, provides some battle planning guidelines as well as some internet web sites where parents can get some great resource help.


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