ORGANIZATIONS which can help you ..

For a listing of organizations which share the mission of safeguarding marriages and families and bringing deliverance, healing and restoration to those who have been ravaged by the effects of habitual sexual sin, go to the RESOURCES tab, and then use the MEN tab [here in the right margin -->] to see our cooperating organizational resources for men.  

One such listing on this page is labeled ORGANIZATIONS - Cooperating With BPM, and using that link, you'll be taken to a pdf page listing all of the Christian organizations which can provide any man or seeker with a myriad of valuable and powerful help in dealing with habitual sexual sin.  

Many of these ministries have been affiliated with or cooperating with BPM for a number of years; and they share the basic purpose and mission of BPM.  And I pray that they will be helpful to anyone seeking to walk closer with Christ than ever before and to walk the path to freedom our Lord calls us to walk {see Luke 9:23}.