It is the firm belief of Battle Plan Ministries that the primary resource of anyone of anyone seeking to do battle against sin is God's word, the Bible. If you do not have your own copy of the Bible you can find a free online version at If you need help getting started, you can find a list of scriptures, divided by subject here.

Below you will find several additional resources that we have found valuable in the fight against sexual sin:



ORGANIZATIONS - Cooperating with BPM





  • Porn Harms: A site with a wealth of information and documented research about pornography and the harm it causes to individuals, marriages, children, and society in general.
  • Restoring Sexual Purity: a site run by Christian counselor and author Dr. Harry Schaumburg.
  • Bill Berry's Blog: The personal blog of Dr. Bill Berry dealing with various topics related to the Christian walk, updated daily.
  • Covenant Eyes Blog: A blog run by the makers of the Covenant Eyes internet filtering and accountability software. Updated regularly with articles dealing with sexual purity and accountability. If you are interested in subscribing to the Covenant Eyes internet filtering and accountability service, click here for more information.


Central Church has a counseling ministry available to both church members and the public. For those who may need additional professional help beyond what Battle Plan can offer, you can find out more information at their website here.