Mark B.

I’ve been involved with Battle Plan Ministries [BPM] for several years. The ministry was recommended by a friend who was active in another Christian ministry promoting recovery from habitual sexual sin.  That other ministry had weekly accountability meetings. BPM also emphasized accountability, so I decided to check them out.  

For years I had been plagued by poor choices fueled by fuzzy thinking and sin. I thought because I was a Christian  I was mature enough to be able to engage in porn, that it wouldn’t affect anyone else.  Battle Plan Ministries has helped me see how wrong I was on many counts!  BPM has also given me an opportunity to reach out to help others break free from the compulsive bondage to sexual sin.  

Through its emphasis on daily meditation on God’s Word, brotherhood and accountability in weekly discipleship groups, BPM has been a beacon of hope to me and many others. It is a scripturally-based discipleship plan that has strengthened me to live in moral purity. My wife has also come to appreciate the help BPM has been to our marriage, and my growing unequivocal commitment to her.