In addition to the host of from the resource links found throughout the Battle Plan Ministry web site, here are some family specific resources:

  • The Bible is the most powerful resource you have available to protect your home and family... it's always available... no filtering necessary! So use it for and with your family in your Family Battle Plan.
  • Your small group will shower you with prayer and may have experience from which you can benefit from. If you're not in a small group within your church, find one! If there are none available, start one yourself! Certainly there are other parents/homes in your church where parents are concerned about these matters. Those parents would likely welcome a small group which meets monthly to discuss the building of family battle plans and to celebrate victories when they occur. BPM is an e-mail away to the Director of BPM or by phone @(901)921-2148 to help you form such a group or plant such ministry efforts in your church.

  And here are some key resources you will find helpful for your family from the internet... simply click on the link provided to go to their website.

  • COVENANT EYES - For powerful internet software protection for your kids with internet access, such as smartphones, and your home computers, use the banner link below 

  • [link to National Center on Sexual Explotation (which is  A key website for families to see the impact of the XXX world on families, kids, and individuals ... and there are e-books and resources to help parents go to battle in this arena of parenting. 
  • The American Family Association: Many great resources for the family
  • A website loaded with references/resources on how to "porn proof" your home and your kids and protect your family against the techno-warfare in our culture these days.
  • Enough is Enough... A website dedicated to helping parents (and grandparents) be forwarned and forarmed for battle in our media intensive world in which our kids/grandkids live.
  • Family Life Today: A ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ with many family resources.
  • Focus on the Family [Plugged in Online] Good reviews of movies and help for parents concerning the media...