Chad P.

In spite of already being a relatively mature Christian, I allowed myself to sleep-walk into 10 years of habitual use of pornography, until I finally realized that I could not stop, even with great effort.  I learned how much harder it is to walk out than it was to fall into this trap, and my heart was divided - I wanted to "quit" but deep down I was hooked.  

Then something intervened to change me - GOD.  Out of the blue He led me to search on the internet for help with pornography addiction and I found that there are great forums of wonderful people fighting and succeeding in this battle, even many Christians.  At the same time God gave me the heart and strength for a battle, and to fight it on many fronts at once.  I discovered to my great surprise that the antidote to porn is not "no porn" but trusting God, loving His word and way and planning to fight and win, in God's way.  And that is the Battle Plan Ministry [BPM] way! 

I learned from BPM the importance and impact of having a "battle plan" - an action plan of what you will do to stop using porn and (more importantly) what you will do to build your spiritual life, family life, relationships, and in fact everything good which was destroyed or dampened by this vicious slavery to porn.  This works together in BPM with online accountability and encouragement.  

I can really say that through this, God has saved my marriage, my family and probably a lot more that I was on course to destroy.  My spiritual life saw no growth in all that time, but I experienced a personal revival in the years that followed as I surrendered to God’s way through BPM.  God rescued me from 10 years of what the world calls "addiction" and has given me a new hope and a future; and this hope is there for many others too!!