Welcome Message

Dr. Bill Berry, Director, Battle Plan Ministries

Welcome to the website of Battle Plan Ministry,  a discipleship ministry located in Collierville, TN.  Make no mistake!  God has likely led you here for a reason which may be very personal.

Perhaps you are a Christian struggling with habitual sexual sin of some type. Perhaps you even feel you're addicted to sexual "stuff," and want to know how God's grace could help you walk free from these destructive "compulsions." Perhaps you have a loved one, maybe a husband, who who has been unfaithful and into sexual sin.

Battle Plan Ministries is here to help!

You've been led to a place where you can find God's help; and please know that you've found a safe place to move closer to Christ in dealing with the past patterns of sexual sin or the relational/marital damage which can result from someone you love being involved in these distructive behaviors.

Along with my wife, the co-founder of BPM, we pray everyday that God will lead seekers like you to receive God's help thru BPM. ... So, ... WELCOME!!  


Who We Are

Battle Plan Ministry provides a ministry of restoration and discipleship for Christian men who are involved in habitual sexual sin, support for women, the silent victims of sexual sin involving men in their lives, and resources for families dealing with the onslaught of our sexually saturated world.